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About us

Joint Research Center Zeeland (JRCZ) in the heart of Middelburg is a unique research institution. It opened in December 2022. Students and researchers from the mbo, hbo and wo in Zeeland conduct research on important issues in the South-West Delta together with the professional field in the state-of-the-art labs.

A boost for technical education

With the commissioning of the high-quality research facilities, the region has taken a big step. Zeeland lacked a lab like JRCZ, according to a committee headed by Jan Peter Balkenende in 2016. The former prime minister was commissioned by the cabinet to investigate how Zeeland could structurally strengthen itself economically. 'Give a boost to technical education' was one of his recommendations in the report 'Zeeland in stroomversnelling'. JRCZ is a result of this.

Zeeland DNA

JRCZ offers all facilities for research on water, energy, food and the biobased economy, important topics for a delta region like Zeeland. On these topics, we face major challenges such as salination, an imminent shortage of fresh water, the protein transition and the turnaround to sustainable energy. 


JRCZ, with its high-quality facilities, serves as a driving force for innovations on these themes. The solutions are important for the South West Delta and for delta regions worldwide. The research and innovations create new knowledge that simultaneously makes the region more attractive to new knowledge professionals, who in turn create new knowledge and innovations and so on.

Campus Zeeland

JRCZ is part of Campus Zeeland. This is an alliance of companies, knowledge and research institutions and governments in Zeeland. This joining of forces should ensure a strong link between education and business. This increases the innovative power of Zeeland and ensures a future-proof economy with many young, enthusiastic STEM professionals.


About us


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How do we ensure sufficient, quality water? We are looking for solutions.



How can we innovate in the food chain? We investigate.



What opportunities do deltas offer for generating energy? We see opportunities.


Biobased economy

How can we reduce our ecological footprint? We investigate.