Mbo, hbo & wo


If you choose a technical study programme from Scalda (mbo), HZ University of Applied Sciences (hbo) or University College Roosevelt (wo), chances are you will work in JRCZ.

In the research institution, you work on practical assignments with fellow students, but also with students from other study programmes and institutions. This multidisciplinary approach helps you find better solutions to the complex social issues of companies, governments and institutions in the region.

Learning to work together in teams

This way of working teaches you to learn, to think creatively, you experience what it is like to work together in teams and you notice already during your studies that what you do has an impact on society.

This way of working inspires. Teaching is much more than theory. Knowledge sticks through real-life case histories. When this is the starting point, students learn to get to the bottom of problems and look for solutions together. JRCZ encourages this way of working. 

Our technical training courses

Want to know which (technical) courses you can follow at the partners of the JRCZ? Click on one of the educational institutions' logos below the video.




How do we ensure sufficient, quality water? We are looking for solutions.



How can we innovate in the food chain? We investigate.



What opportunities do deltas offer for generating energy? We see opportunities.


Biobased economy

How can we reduce our ecological footprint? We investigate.