Working together
Working together


Working together

The JRCZ works closely with organisations, governments, entrepreneurs and other educational and knowledge institutions on urgent, social issues that fit the DNA of the Southwest Delta. In doing so, we keep the region liveable and ensure that many new knowledge professionals are trained here.   

Then contact the JRCZ. All details can be found on the contact page.

Want to participate in We Explore Together Friday?

On a weekly basis, the We Explore Together Friday initiative takes place at the JRCZ. Students, researchers and organizations from the region join forces to work on innovative issues. Every Friday morning they come together to work on multidisciplinary projects in the fields of water, energy, food and biobased economy. The JRCZ has high-quality research facilities and thus offers the ideal setting to work on innovations and research. Here we connect education with research and the field, work together with different disciplines and strengthen the JRZC community.

Projects for students
All engineering students from Scalda, HZ University of Applied Sciences and University College Roosevelt are invited to participate in numerous creative projects taking place during We Explore Together Friday. HZ students can also use the WETF activities for HZ Personality credits. They should discuss this in advance with their Study Career Coach. Examples of projects they can participate in are: development of the Kenniswerf in collaboration with the Municipality of Vlissingen, Technical Writing, Art with AI and Self Defense Clinic. New projects are regularly added to the offerings. Projects and activities range from one morning to weekly meetings for an entire semester.

Working together as an organization
We Explore Together Friday offers a great opportunity for organizations and research groups in the region to collaborate with students on innovations and social issues in an inspiring environment. WETF is open to ideas to collaborate on a project in the field of water, energy, food or biobased economy. Would you like to find a sustainable solution to your issue together with enthusiastic students and would you like to contribute to the quality of education in Zeeland? Then we would like to receive your proposal via the contact page.




How do we ensure sufficient, quality water? We are looking for solutions.



How can we innovate in the food chain? We investigate.



What opportunities do deltas offer for generating energy? We see opportunities.


Biobased economy

How can we reduce our ecological footprint? We investigate.